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Anaj Industry Group (s) a rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate with a turnover of ... Today, 'Anaj ' offers a wide range of spices and seasoning, Anaj Spices is India's foremost spices brand known for its matchless product quality and innovative approach. Anaj spices are ground using the unique ! Anaj  creating premium quality products and has been credited with several breakthrough innovations over the last eight decades. 

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Rice & Flour

"Anaj Basmati” is long grain aromatic rice grown for many centuries in the specific geographical area, at the Himalayan foot hills of Indian sub-continent, blessed with characteristics extra- long slender grains that elongate at least twice of their original size with a characteristics soft and fluffy texture upon cooking, delicious taste, superior aroma and distinct flavor, Basmati rice is unique among other aromatic long grain rice varieties.

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Pulses are consumed as Dal, which is a cheap source of plant protein. These are consumed because of body building properties having presence of various amino acids. These also have medicinal properties. By products of pulses like leaves, pod coats and bran are given to animals in the form of dry fodder. Some pulse crops like Gram, Lobia, Urdbean & Moong bean are fed to animals as green fodder. Moong plants are also used as green manure which improve soil health and adds nutrient into the soil.

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Dry Fruit &Tea

Anaj Ayurveda Tea has resulted in a long-standing tradition of herbal teas. Traditional Indian kitchens have long utilised the medicinal benefits offered by various plants and spices such as basil (Tulsi), cardamom (Elaichi), pepper (Kali Mirch), liquorice (Mulethi),mint (Pudina), etcDry Fruits The high drying and processing temperatures, the intrinsic low pH of the fruit, the low water activity (moisture content) and the presence of natural antimicrobial compounds in dried fruit make them a remarkably stable food. 

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